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Design Styles
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EUROPEAN CONTEMPORARY CABINETS | Contemporary cabinet style reflects current design trends that prioritize simplicity, clean horizontal and vertical lines, and minimalism. Modern materials like stainless steel, glass, and high-gloss laminates are often used to create sleek, uncluttered cabinet designs.


Flat-paneled cabinet doors with understated hardware give a minimalist feel to the kitchen or bathroom, while floating shelves and open cabinetry provide an airy, spacious look. Neutral color palettes are common in contemporary cabinets with white, black, and shades of gray being popular choices. Overall, contemporary cabinet style is all about clean, functional designs that create a minimalist and modern look in any space.

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COASTAL CABINETS | Coastal cabinet style is a popular interior design trend that is characterized by its light, airy, and relaxed feel. These cabinets are typically made in natural materials such as wood or wicker, and they often feature light, muted colors like seafoam green, soft blue, or sandy beige.


The style is inspired by the seaside and aims to bring a beachy feel into the home. Coastal cabinets commonly feature glass-front doors, rattan accents, and soft, curved lines that evoke the gentle waves of the ocean. This style is perfect for creating a calm and soothing atmosphere in any home, and it pairs well with other natural elements like sea-inspired artwork or driftwood decor.


MODERN CABINETS |  Modern cabinet style is characterized by sleek lines, minimalistic design (although some modern design can have abstract lines), and a focus on functionality. These cabinets are often made with materials such as stainless steel, glass, and high-gloss laminates, giving them a contemporary and sophisticated look. The use of handleless drawers and doors, and the integration of soft-close hinges and drawer runners, create a streamlined appearance and enhance ease of use.


Modern cabinets also have efficient storage systems, maximizing space and organization with pull-out shelves, tall units, and corner solutions. With their clean and uncluttered design, modern cabinets have become a popular choice for those seeking a minimalist and functional aesthetic in their homes.


TRANSITIONAL CABINETS | Transitional cabinet style is a popular trend in home remodeling that combines traditional and modern elements for a timeless look. This design style is typically characterized by a blend of classic styling and modern materials. Transitional cabinet style is perfect for a homeowner looking for a look that can match any home style without feeling outdated.


Using a combination of materials such as warm woods, sleek metals, and glass, this style can be versatile and timeless. Transitional cabinet style is perfect for creating a kitchen that is both traditional and modern, as well as for creating a bathroom that is both elegant and inviting. With a wide range of colors and materials, it is easy to customize this look to fit any home.

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TRADITIONAL CABINETS |  Traditional cabinet style refers to a type of furniture that has been popular for decades. These cabinets are typically made from wood and feature ornate details such as carvings, decorative moldings, and intricate inlays.


Traditional cabinets often come in darker wood tones such as cherry, walnut, and mahogany, which provide a classic and timeless look. They are often adorned with antique hardware like brass handles and knobs, as well as glass panes in some of the doors, to showcase the contents inside. Traditional cabinet style is often associated with classic and timeless design and serves as an excellent addition to any interior space.


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